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What is ISTDP?

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy is a psychodynamic/psychoanalytic treatment model that is intense because the treatment seeks to uncover the core issue as quickly as possible, short-term with the aspirational intent of not letting the patient needlessly suffer or languish with symptoms, and (psycho)dynamic in that it works with the unconscious and transference feelings. Read More...


I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, CBA Blue and United Healthcare/Oxford. For other commercial insurers, I may be able to see you out-of-network if you have out-of-network benefits. I do not take Medicare. More about fees and insurance...

Areas of Expertise

I work with people who have anxiety (including chronic worry, panic, obsessive compulsive behaviors), depressed mood, prior trauma interfering with current life, multiple failed attempts at therapy, difficulty with intimacy (emotional, sexual, physical), and medically unexplained symptoms such as gastrointestinal problems, pelvic floor pain, migraines, muscle tension, chronic pain, erectile dysfunction or vaginismus.


In-person at 1 Lawson Lane in Burlington or Online


Supportive. Honest. Direct. Focused. Dedicated. Experienced. Some of the qualities previous patients have noted about my presence with them.

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