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  • What are your office hours?
    I offer office hours online Mondays and Tuesdays, 8am -3:15pm, and Wednesdays and Thursdays at my office in Burlington between 9:15am and 3:15pm.
  • Do you work with kids?
  • Do you provide marriage/couples counseling?
  • Do I need a referral from my primary care?
  • What is the best way to schedule an appointment?
    Click on the link at the top of the page. That will walk you through a self-screening process, and after successful screening, give you a link to my online calendar. You can then schedule an appointment that works for your schedule. Within a business day, be on the lookout for an email to complete the paperwork. It's an easy process and prevents us from engaging in email or phone tag.
  • How does online therapy work?
    I use the HIPAA compliant version of Zoom for online meetings. You receive the link for the session in the paperwork you complete and in an email I send prior to the first session. You don't have to have Zoom installed on your computer; it will launch in a web browser.
  • Can I set up an appointment for a family member?
    No. Have them reach out to me directly.
  • Can I work with you even if I'm not in Vermont?
    No. I am only licensed in Vermont, and the general rule of thumb is that I have to be licensed in the state where you sit at the time of the appointment. Some states do allow me to work in their state unlicensed (but licensed in my state) for short periods of time (presumably to provide treatment to someone who might be out of state on business/vacation).
  • How does scheduling typically work?
    After a trial therapy, if we agree to continue with treatment, we meet once a week for an hour long appointment. Those sessions are every week at the same time and place. Often a new session you book is an ongoing slot I now have open. Unfortunately, my schedule does not work well with people who have rotating work schedules.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I take Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and CBA Blue. If you have an out-of-state BCBS plan which utilizes the BlueCard network, I will be able to see you in-network. I no longer take Green Mountain Care/Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna, Optum/UHC/UMR, Cigna or MVP.
  • How much do you charge if I don't have insurance?
    I charge $151 for the first trial therapy, $140 for each additional session.
  • How much I do have to pay if I have insurance?
    Your portion of the fee (deductible, co-insurance, co-pay) is determined by the particular plan you chose. You will have to contact them directly to discuss what your portion of the session will be.
  • How does your billing process work?
    When you complete paperwork, you fill out a credit card authorization (I don't have access to the actual credit card number). If you are using insurance, I send them the claim and I then charge you for whatever the insurance company says is your responsibility for the session. If you are paying privately, I charge your card within a few days of our meeting. If you need a receipt to get reimbursed by your insurance when I'm out-of-network with them, I would be happy to do so.
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